Are you ready for a career that's built to last?


We are a strong employer in a strong industry. As an internationally active company, the BILSTEIN GROUP can look back on a successful history – which means many employees can look back on a long and rewarding career. This is in part thanks to the dynamic nature and innovation that drives our sector, meaning there are always plenty of opportunities for motivated team members to grow and develop. In addition, BILSTEIN employees have always lived the spirit and tradition of our company: fairness, safety, individuality, and high quality standards have always been defining features of our employer brand. In turn, this provides the basis for trusting working relationships and the opportunity for staff to shape their own careers. The BILSTEIN GROUP relies on the harmonious combination of both being forward looking and retaining our traditional values – thereby creating a solid foundation for careers built to last.


The BILSTEIN GROUP is extremely conscious of its responsibilities toward its employees. It is important to us to offer generous pay that exceeds collective agreements, attractive benefits, and personalized career planning to help each individual achieve their desired quality of life, and of course to safeguard jobs in the long term. Throughout our 100-year history, we have remained committed to putting the majority of our profits back into the development of our company and our people.

Training and development
Business is shaped by constant change, which means the challenges and requirements we face are changing too. The BILSTEIN GROUP therefore places enormous value on training and development. We offer a range of seminars on general topics, while more technical training is highly encouraged for all types of positions and across all hierarchies of the company. To give our employees the opportunity to tailor their career development, we are also happy to accept their own ideas and suggestions.
In coordination with German metalworkers union IG Metall, the BILSTEIN GROUP has developed its own collective wage agreement based on current rates in the metal and electrical industry. We also offer a holiday bonus, which is expected to rise in line with the company profits.

The BILSTEIN GROUP is extremely conscious of its social responsibilities, which is why we also provide financial assistance for studying, books, and travel allowances, as well as support with childcare, in family emergencies, and for relatives in the event of the death of an employee. Our portfolio also includes various retirement and insurance offerings.
Because we trust our employees to make their own decisions about what's best for them, we offer as much flexibility as possible when it comes to working arrangements—including comp time and individually agreed return dates following parental leave. We also offer a variety of part-time working models. Our new flexible working models, introduced in 2012, now offer even more freedom for employees.

Contact details

For more information or if you have any questions about your application, please contact:

HR Manager

Melanie Gräser Ass. jur.

HR Development/Students

Kathrin Pieper, B. A.

Candidate management/Students/Interns

Adriana Ibrahimovic B. A.


Bianca Paparos



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The BILSTEIN GROUP has a huge range of positions available across the career spectrum, which means it’s always a good time to launch a "career that's built to last" with us – whether you are an experienced professional, at the start of your career, or looking to change professions.

Above all else, our experienced employees stand out for their structured approach to work, their ability to work under pressure, and a genuine interest in growing, dynamic work environments, while our most experienced staff ensure a continual transfer of knowledge to our more junior employees. And we value that greatly. In return, depending on an individual’s personal goals, we offer interesting promotional opportunities, challenging roles in their chosen field, and exciting horizontal development possibilities – especially given upcoming structural changes and ongoing innovations.

Starting your career on solid ground

Individuals just starting out in their careers can apply directly for a position or join our trainee program, which is tailored to their personal career development in the company and may also involve spending a period abroad.

Meanwhile, our job enrichment program offers a great opportunity for employees to gradually take on more demanding responsibilities as their career progresses. It is open to engineers and graduates of technical disciplines, as well as employees with commercial qualifications or graduates of Bachelor of Arts (BA), Master of Arts (MA), and Master of Business Administration (MBA) programs.

For the managers of the future, we offer personalized career plans and management programs, helping them grow into their role over time. Experienced managers are also given opportunities to develop their skills by participating in advanced management programs, as well as through mentoring and coaching.


Talent plus experience—that’s how innovation comes about. I had already been working for some time when I applied to BILSTEIN. I had a clear idea of what I wanted to do in the future, but I wasn’t sure if BILSTEIN would meet my expectations. I found the interview panel to be knowledgeable and honest and we discussed everything in detail. And the chemistry just clicked from the start. That made the decision easy for me. Since then, I’ve already advanced my career at BILSTEIN. Being foreman is a role with enormous responsibility, and I definitely find it extremely fulfilling.

In-depth knowledge, plenty of team spirit, and a lot of fun. You can’t ask for anything more. I wanted to work with a material that you can grasp in your hands—that’s what motivated me to join BILSTEIN back in 2000. Since then, I have been really happy here. I’ve been able to constantly build on my knowledge thanks to regular technical seminars in areas such as "Sheet forming" and "Damage to tools and materials." This also helps me to establish BILSTEIN as a supplier with our technology-centric cusomers.

Tradition leads to innovation and results in perfection. And that’s how we become successful. You could say that a passion for the cold-rolling industry is in my blood. As a quality control manager, my father gave me the chance to get behind the scenes of the rolling business. I found it exciting back then, and I still do now. It was a proud day for me when I joined the BILSTEIN GROUP because it is known as one of the top firms in the industry. And in them I have found an employer that is always giving me new, interesting challenges. What do you need to make it here? A desire to grow and learn and constantly broaden your horizons.



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Whether you want to gain experience first as an intern or get straight to work in a new role – both are possible at the BILSTEIN GROUP. Through well-supported internships, we introduce students to their material of choice. This often helps them develop ideas for a future thesis placement. Meanwhile, our student employees benefit from a balanced combination of theory and practical work. Our trainee program is also a great way to help set the direction for your future career path.

For graduates with on-the-job experience in the industry, and ambitious individuals looking to change careers, the BILSTEIN GROUP offers attractive prospects including a personalized career plan and great opportunities and responsibilities from the moment they join.
After a short onboarding period, we sit down with you to map out your development at the company. This is particularly beneficial for individuals changing careers who need to align their core competencies with the operations and goals of the BILSTEIN GROUP. We give you all the tools you need to help you succeed in your new position. Your progress is reviewed in regular feedback sessions with superiors, with adjustments made to your career plan where required.
We are always looking for trainees with a technical or commercial background, so look forward to receiving applications in those areas. Start dates are arranged on an individual basis, meaning traineeships can commence at any time. Our trainee programs are based on a rotating system, are partially personalized, and are offered in a range of different business areas.

Our trainees receive comprehensive support when carrying out technical projects independently and have regular feedback sessions with managers, where they also discuss the current status of projects and their ongoing development. Focus areas usually become quickly apparent, allowing trainees to more easily target which area they want to specialize in.

Additionally, our trainees participate in seminars on topics ranging from rhetoric to time management and personal health. Depending on their area of work, there are also seminars tailored to their program. Our trainees come together on a fixed day every four weeks to discuss the latest developments. After every stage of a project, they present managers with an update. Finally, before conclusion of the program, the trainee’s ongoing development is discussed with senior management and the HR department. Our goal is to employ talented individuals with potential and keep them with us for a long time. That's why our trainee program is currently being expanded to all companies within the BILSTEIN GROUP.

"The experience with our trainee program has been great. The trainees get to work on exciting, innovative projects, and we challenge and support them."
Gerald Zwickel, Managing Director, BILSTEIN

Bachelor's and Master's thesis placements
You can also join the BILSTEIN GROUP to complete your Bachelor's or Master's thesis. If your thesis is on a topic related to our everyday operations, we would be happy to support and advise you.
Many of our interns first learn about the BILSTEIN GROUP from a company presentation in their high school or at a careers fair. An internship is a particularly effective way to find out if a career in the cold-rolled steel industry is for you.

We offer internships in almost all areas of the business, providing not only valuable on-the-job experience but also a potential path toward a future thesis placement. To give students as much support and expert help as possible in writing their papers, interns are allocated a mentor from their relevant department, as well as a contact in HR.

The extent to which the program can be tailored to an individual's requirements depends on the type of internship. In the case of mandatory internships, we stick closely to the specified framework. If the internship is undertaken voluntarily, we have more flexibility and can structure the content to be more in line with the participant’s interests and goals.

If both parties are satisfied with how the internship has gone, we view it as the starting point for future cooperation and may start planning a more permanent relationship with the BILSTEIN GROUP.
The perfect combination of theory and practical experience

Joining the BILSTEIN GROUP as a student employee is the ideal opportunity to combine theory and practical work in one. In this model, the student works for the company either for two or three days a week or for a contractually agreed number of hours within the scope of a part-time Bachelor's or Master's program. No previous on-the-job experience is required, although this training option may also be of interest to some of our existing employees, for example in the case of a staff member completing an apprenticeship in a BILSTEIN GROUP company, continuing their career with a student position while they study for their Bachelor's, then potentially joining the trainee program after completing it. They can then pursue a part-time Master's program, if they wish. We regard employees who take this route and demonstrate their continued commitment to the company very highly.
Career days at the BILSTEIN GROUP

Our career days are a four-day program and offer participants a further opportunity to form an initial impression of the company, providing insight into practical tasks and typical processes. In addition to its more technical content, the program agenda also features communications-based items that demonstrate the pleasant working environment that characterizes the BILSTEIN GROUP.

Rather than just attending to welcome participants, senior management, HR employees, and various managers remain present throughout the four-day event, participating in roundtable discussions, one-to-one interviews, and even staying during the relaxed evening program. The aim is to foster a motivating working environment; informal and honest on the one hand, and technically demanding on the other. While the task set at the beginning of the event serves as a common theme for the entire program, participants will have opportunities to familiarize themselves with various areas of the BILSTEIN GROUP, form relationships with potential future colleagues, and find out about the Hagen-Hohenlimburg production site. At the end of the event, each of the senior management team and line managers available will talk about the performance of the participants and how they went about completing the task they were set.

How to turn theory into practice? That’s what I’m looking at right now, and I’m learning something new every day. For me, it all started with an opening posted on our college website. Then I received an invitation to interview with them and we had a really nice talk, which sealed the deal. As a technical drawer and business student, I had something to offer the company. They recognized that immediately. Before I knew it, I was involved in a really exciting project. Everything was constructive and goal-oriented—I was made to feel at home in the company immediately. Right now I’m doing my Bachelor's thesis on "Maintenance management." Will I be able to implement my theoretical knowledge of this in practice? Yes, I think I will. I'd like to continue working here after my Master's.



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It is important to us that young people enjoy an exciting and varied start to their careers. As a medium-sized company with a long tradition in the European cold-rolling industry, we are the ideal place to achieve this. Our products are applied in the automotive OEM sector, engineering, precision mechanics, steel construction, and in bicycle manufacturing, offering our apprentices a broad variety of fields to familiarize themselves with. We generally have apprenticeships available in the following positions:

Our apprentices move through various departments over the course of their apprenticeships in order to gain a good overview of the company. One instructor accompanies each apprenticeship stream in the BILSTEIN GROUP, ensuring the apprentices receive the ongoing support that they need. The instructor is required to share their technical expertise, based on the relevant training regulations. In addition, each department has a specific contact assigned to provide help and advice to those just starting their careers, including support with the paper they must write at the end of their apprenticeship.

To encourage the enjoyment of learning and teamwork, we have various offerings not related directly to their positions. External seminars and activities on topics such as "From ore to steel," "Health," and "Rhetoric," as well as our apprentice trip prove ever-more popular every year.

After successful completion of your apprenticeship, a position will be open for you at the BILSTEIN GROUP. Supporting the ongoing learning and development of our workers is a matter of personal importance to us. To be an innovation leader in this market we need highly skilled employees, which is why we aim to give our young talent a head start with comprehensive training programs and to prepare them as effectively as possible for their future role.

Depending on the course, an apprenticeship typically lasts between two and three-and-a-half years, although it may be possible to shorten it. We also offer the opportunity to combine the selected apprenticeship with studying for a Bachelor of Arts (BA) or Bachelor of Science (BSc).

Vocational college

The theoretical knowledge required for the relevant position is provided in a vocational college program. Apprentices in industrial or technical disciplines attend these programs once or twice a week. Commercial apprentices attend the lessons in blocks. Dual study programs at Gelsenkirchen Technical College are structured differently, with students attending lectures and the vocational college Mondays and Tuesdays (no blocks). The BILSTEIN GROUP also has long-standing, successful relationships with the CUNO vocational school, Kaufmannsschule, Werner-Richard college and, since 2010, with the Vocational College for Business and Administration in Gelsenkirchen.

Dual study programs

Dual study programs are completed in tandem with on-the-job training. Thanks to our experience in working with various technical colleges and universities in the region, this form of training is extremely popular and well tested. Apprentices attend face-to-face lessons that vary between colleges, usually completing their studies in four to four-and-a-half years.
Above all else, a high school internship allows students in the region to familiarize themselves with the company, helping them identify their own strengths and decide what they would like to do in their future career. The BILSTEIN GROUP offers internships to school students in almost every business area, giving the talent of the future the chance to get to know all the fields they can train in.

These internships generally last three weeks, although the exact period can be tailored to the individual. During the internship, students are provided with a contact person who helps explain the various aspects of working life. We always leave one part of the support to our current apprentices – in our view, they are the best qualified people to explain what it’s like to be an apprentice at the BILSTEIN GROUP. And that’s what it’s all about – the direct experience of a school internship is often all the motivation high school students need to apply for an apprenticeship with us.
Preparing for a stronger future, together

Sharing in-depth theoretical and practical expertise with our apprentices is a matter of course for the BILSTEIN GROUP. But it is just as important for us to encourage internal dialog and to strengthen the sense of community within the company – which is why we take all our apprentices on a three-day trip, every year.

The aim of the trip varies by year. One year, for example, our destination was the state-of-the-art academic institution Akademie Biggesee, in the charming town of Attendorn. Apprentices in their first and second years attended seminars on topics including fire prevention and workplace safety. First-year apprentices were also given a deeper insight into the BILSTEIN GROUP. Depending on how far through their apprenticeships they were, others learned about topics such as communication, conflict management, and personality.

Of course, leisure activities were also arranged. Participants got to know Attendorn in a fun scavenger hunt around the town. There was also a grill-out where apprentices could mingle with HR employees and works council representatives.

The apprentice trip is a hit every year. As well as building on their knowledge, participants also reap the rewards on a personal level. The event is perfect for networking and creates a genuine sense of being part of a strong, loyal team.
Your first encounter with the BILSTEIN GROUP

A career that's built to last – what does that really mean? Many students aren’t aware of the huge variety of career opportunities available within the BILSTEIN GROUP. They are usually very interested in training in the future-oriented cold-rolling industry. But what exactly would a role in that sector look like for them?

To give open-minded young people a better idea of this, we regularly extend invitations for them to visit the company. The visit begins with a detailed company presentation, followed by an introduction to the various apprenticeship positions. Our current apprentices deliver this part, sometimes using videos they’ve put together themselves, and answering students' questions in one-on-one chats. Additionally, attendees learn what kind of applications our products are used in with the aid of special materials. The visit concludes with a tour of the facilty, which is always a highlight.

For many school students, this is the moment they decide they want to complete an apprenticeship with the BILSTEIN GROUP. And a number of them actually make that dream a reality – which is just what we want. The young talent of today are the experts of tomorrow. So, if you are interested in learning more about the BILSTEIN GROUP, please make the most of this opportunity to get to know our company better.

Interested students can contact
Ms. Nina Müller, Phone: +49 2334 82-1129

There was a great atmosphere from day one, as well as a huge amount of specialist support from colleagues. There’s also the apprentice meetup; it’s a great chance to discuss ideas and suggestions – and with senior managers, too. You’re taken seriously and made to feel part of the team. Being given the opportunity to represent the BILSTEIN GROUP at BLECHexpo this year made me feel really proud.