ZE steels


Application: clutch discs

Application: airbag component

Application: transmission component

Application: seat rail

Application: seat rail
BILSTEIN’s ZE grades are characterized by minimum yield strengths between 500 and 1,200 MPa and excellent cold formability. These special grades are used where the demand for component strength is highest and may be accompanied by a weight and cost advantage. Developed by BILSTEIN, the materials combine reliable and high-precision cold-rolling and heat treatment strategies, enabling customers to choose minimum yield strengths of anything from 500 to 1,200 MPa.

The steels are based on widely available pearlite-reduced, microalloyed hot-rolled steel strips and can be welded using all standard techniques, taking into account the heat-affected zone. The low-carbon equivalent (CE) plays a key role in this. Spot and laser welding have proven to be particularly suitable, with no decline in yield strength observed in the heat-affected zone. Moreover, a high yield-to-tensile strength ratio provides an excellent basis for the cold-forming process.

Of course, BILSTEIN ZE grades also offer all the usual benefits associated with
cold-rolled steel:

• Homologous mechanical properties
• Excellent surface quality
• Superior shape and flatness

car seat structures, seat belt components, airbag systems, transmission components, vehicle door and locking systems, slide-rail systems, furniture hinges, connectors for window profiles

Infinitely flexible materials concept
A key feature of BILSTEIN ZE steels is the infinitely flexible materials concept, which allows us to set a material's minimum yield strength to suit a specific application.

The table below shows the potential variety of products we can make.

BILSTEIN ZE steels – overview and properties

BILSTEIN ZE steels – product data sheets