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Marc T. Oehler
Partner & Chief Executive Officer (CEO/CFO)

Dr. Bernhard Gräwe
Managing Director

Bernd Grumme
Global Distribution & Sales Services (CSO)

Michael Ullrich
Group Chief Technical Officer (CTO)

Dimitar Yotsov
Managing Director Processes/IT

Head of

Plant & Process Technology

Helmut Mühlnickel
Head of Plant & Process Technology

Plant & Process Technology

Philipp Dahms
Head of Plant & Process Technology

Human Resources

Melanie Gräser
Head of Human Resources

Data Processing

Udo Richter
Head of Data Processing/Chief Information Officer (CIO)

Fundamental Issues, Legal & Compliance

Miriam Rensinghoff
Head of Fundamental Issues, Legal & Compliance

Health, Safety and Environment

Dominik Eickhoff
Head of Health, Safety and Environment

Puchasing Department

Stefan Schulte-Kramer
Head of Purchasing Department

Purchasing, Hot Strip

Frank Renfordt
Head of Purchasing, Hot Strip


Stefan Scheiter
Head of Accounting


Thomas Gräser
Head of Controlling


Tina Prinz

Order Management

Thomas Schulz
Head of Order Management