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Marc T. Oehler
Partner & Chief Executive Officer (CEO/CFO)
  • +49 2334 82-1020

Michael Ullrich
Group Chief Technical Officer (CTO)
  • +49 2334 82-2306

Bernd Grumme
Global Distribution & Sales Services (CSO)
  • +49 2334 82-1201

Dimitar Yotsov
Managing Director IT/Digitization and Supply Chain Management
  • +49 2334 82-1011

Head of

Sustainability Projects and Energy Supply

Christian Hagenkord
Head of Sustainability Projects and Energy Supply

Plant & Process Technology

Philipp Dahms
Head of Plant & Process Technology

Human Resources

Melanie Gräser
Head of Human Resources

Puchasing Department

Stefan Schulte-Kramer
Head of Purchasing Department

Legal & Compliance

Miriam Rensinghoff
Head of Legal & Compliance
Human Rights Officer BILSTEIN GROUP

Health, Safety and Environment/HSEQ

Dominik Eickhoff
Head of Health, Safety and Environment/HSEQ


Tina Prinz


Stefan Scheiter
Head of Accounting

Purchasing, Hot Strip

Frank Renfordt
Head of Purchasing, Hot Strip

Order Management

Thomas Schulz
Head of Order Management