HUGO VOGELSANG – famous worldwide for high-grade steel strip

At HUGO VOGELSANG, tradition and progress are interwoven. The symbiosis of decades of experience and striving for the best possible solutions to customers' challenges has made HUGO VOGELSANG famous worldwide. Our focus is on precision and flexibility, as well as trustful collaboration with the manufacturing industry.

We are continually investing in new roll stands, slitting plants, and annealing and heat-treatment systems that employ cutting-edge measurement and control technology.
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Our high-precision strategy

We depend on seamless monitoring and a reliable quality management system that supports all process steps, from hot strip slitting to timely delivery of the strip into production.

Our steel is annealed in computer-controlled high-convection furnaces with 100% hydrogen. Bespoke computer programs, based on decades of experience, are paired with integrated annealing calculation models to ensure an even microstructure, the best technical quality, and bright surfaces that are free of residue.

Our 20-high reversing cluster mill guarantees targeted forming and high surface quality. Milling rolls have a significant impact on the surface structure of cold-rolled strips. That's why our work rolls are individually machined on CNC roll grinders to meet the needs of each specific job.

Measurement and control during the rolling process ensure the tightest possible tolerances for transverse and longitudinal flatness and profiles. Moreover, setting target curves in combination with rerolling allows us to accommodate any desired strip shape and degree of flatness.

Our high-performance slitting lines provide virtually burr-free strips that are exceptionally parallel, while ensuring extremely tight width tolerances.

Hardening and tempering
Our hardening plant features trendsetting technologies, such as the vertical design of our narrow-strip furnace. In our new tempering plants, we produce steel strip with martensitic, bainatic, and sorbitic structures. These varieties of steel strip feature minimal surface roughness and the highest degree of flatness, whether they are bright hardened, inline polished, or have a color finish.

Polishing and grinding


We work the steel with wire, leather, or textile brushes and a special polishing paste, to achieve the desired surface finish.


Corund sanding belts of various grits are used to grind the surfaces of the steel strip, removing any surface defects or decarburization.

To finish the edges of our steel strip, we choose the right equipment to match the task—be it deburring, chasing, rounding, faceting, or rolling. We prepare our tools in house so that we can machine custom edges. Continuous width control and automatic continuous feed guarantee the highest quality and tightest tolerances. The finished steel strip can be delivered in sheets or in coils, depending on customer preference.

Packaging and warehousing
In addition to standard packaging, we can deliver our products in crepe and jute, in crates, or in custom packaging of all kinds. Our inventory of approx. 5,500 tons guarantees a high degree of flexibility and reliability.

Unless explicitly requested otherwise, our products are coated in anti-corrosion oil for additional protection before shipping. Upon request, we can also provide further anti-corrosion treatments and offer bespoke packaging solutions based on customer specifications or bilateral agreements. We have a wide range of packaging materials available.

Where we do not receive any specific instructions from the customer, we package to the following standards:

Materials with a vertical axis:
Within Germany, coils and bundles with a vertical axis are generally supplied on wooden pallets or frames, without any additional corrosion protection. For customers in other European countries, these products are covered in an anti-corrosive VCI stretch wrap, depending on the weather conditions during transport and at the destination. Coils are wrapped individually for shipping, and the bundle is then covered with another layer of VCI stretch wrap.

Materials with a horizontal axis:
Within Germany, these products are also generally delivered without any additional exterior packaging. Depending on the weather conditions during transport and at the destination, single, stable coils are covered in an anti-corrosive VCI stretch wrap. For conventional overseas shipping, the coils are then also delivered with flanged wheels, inner and outer edge protection, and other internal and external protective features.

First-class quality

State-of-the-art technology focused on precision


Specialists in premium cold-rolled strip solutions


20-high mill produces cold strip with maximum precision and the tightest tolerances

Special products

Our hardening and edging services fulfill even the most demanding customer needs


Latest innovations

HUGO VOGELSANG at LIGNA 2023 in Hanover


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Do you want to know more about HUGO VOGELSANG? Need to speak with someone about an upcoming project? Or maybe you would like a non-binding quote? Our team is always available to provide more information or a comprehensive consultation.

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