Microalloyed steels

DIN EN 10268

Application: transmission component

Application: transmission component

Application: furniture hinges
BILSTEIN’s microalloyed steels, which are in accordance with DIN EN 10268 standards, offer minimum yield strength levels between 260 and 420 MPa with excellent cold formability at all strength levels. This grade family is used wherever a component requires considerably higher yield and tensile strength levels than mild or unalloyed steels can provide. Additionally, using this higher-grade steel means strip thickness can be reduced, lowering the weight and cost of the final product.

Compared to the high-strength construction steels once used as standard, these low-pearlite, microalloyed grades have a significantly reduced carbon content, which means they can be welded almost without exception using all standard techniques.

Upon request, we can also develop grades above standard with further restricted chemical analysis, compressed mechanical properties, or low earing properties.

car seat structures, transmissions, car doors, hoods and trunk structures, furniture hinges, window fittings, ...

Microalloyed steels – overview and properties